The CNT block was not so big as during I 07 sure but with more than 2000 persons (press declaration).

In the CNT block were present comrades paperlesses of CNT in strike actually (the pub Charlie Birdy is ocupaped now since more than 2 weeks and comrades paperlesses of the union of CNT Construction sector).

We had also in our block international delegations (CGT Spain, ESE Grece, activist Mapuche and comrades of the New Caledonian union USTKE). About the comrades of USTKE, recently 24 activist of this union were condamned by the colonial justice to stay in prison monthes for their strike against the entreprise Veolia and fights with the Police who attacked the piquetlines.

In others cities of France, CNT partiocpaed in the demonstration. And in the city of Lyon, for example, the red and black block was close to 5000 persons.

Here is the video of the CNT block during the demonstration of the 1rst of May in Paris. We can see the block of CNT in the minute 13 :