850 miners working for OCP (a state-owned phosphate extraction company) have been on strike since the beginning of September in the Khouribga region. Their action comes after they were fired en masse for refusing to accept new working conditions in the company.

OCP effectively intends to renege on its social benefit agreements (permanent employment contracts, wages, social security system). These are the same benefits that the miners fought tooth and nail for in the past, often with great hardship. The ideas being reconsidered include the generalization of temporary work, fixed term contracts and the cutting of salaries in half.

This industrial action is supported in Morocco by numerous organisations including AMDH (the Moroccan Human Rights Association) and the UMT trade union.

As is often the case in the country, which shows that Mohamed VI’s Morocco hasn’t changed very much from the years of Hassan II and the 80’s, the only answer comes from the politics of the truncheon. The police forces systematically attack every support gathering. Trade unions leaders from the OCP are imprisoned and tortured while four of them will be put on trial in November accused of attacks on “public order”.

CNT, as an organisation that promotes the class struggle and internationalism, provides its full support to the OCP miners on strike.

CNT is also part of the International Miners’ Support Committee.

CNT demands:
- The reinstatement of the 850 workers who have been made redundant by force; - The respect of trade union rights in the OCP and its subsidiaries; - The immediate release of the trade-unionists on trial.

In order to contribute to the success of the miners’ legitimate struggle against the arrogance of the rich, CNT has been increasing the numbers of its solidarity activities (posters, leaflets, etc.) in Nimes, Lyon, Nantes, Marseille, Dijon, Nanterre, Orléans, Limoges, Brest and Grenoble for the last two weeks.

Pictures of these activities can be seen on : http://www.cnt-f.org/international/spip.php?article389

A bilingual leaflet (Arabic/French) has been produced and can be downloaded from: http://www.cnt-f.org/international/

Our OCP comrades do not stand alone ! CNT is the proof!.

If your organisation wants to participate in the solidarity campaign, your Moroccan comrades will truly appreciate it. You can join the International support committee. You can also organise gatherings in front of Moroccan embassies or consulates. If you do so, tell us what you have decided, and we will pass it on (support communiqués, pictures of your actions) to Ali FKIR, the secretary of the support committee.