More than 2000 paperlesses workers for the cleaning firm have gone on strike; occupying 30 sites in the Ile-de-France region. they are doing so with the support of unions and other groups who have joined with them to denounce the exploitation of undocumented workers and the arbitrary way in which their cases are heard by local prefectures.

After having occupied the Cité des sciences in Paris on Sunday 18th October the workers then took over the headquarters of the company in Paris’ 12th district (3 rue des meuniers) ISS is a cleaning sub-contractor and one of the leading ’multiservice’ companies and has already seen it’s offices occupied earlier this month. The company has never respected agreements and has fired undocumented workers after having exploited them for years.

undocumented workers are found in great numbers and are indispensable in many sectors such as construction, public works, cleaning, securitty, catering, care work, agriculture, baking, etc. The majority pay their taxes and welfare contributions to health, retirement and unemployment funds. they don’t take jobs away from anyone else and they are often forced to work in terrible conditions due to their legal status.

Papers for all paperlesses workers, it’s good for everybody!

CNT Cleaning union.