DAD Poland, the company in Poznan, with shares of French capital in it, dismissed four Workers Initiative Union activists, just after a document informing about section foundation had been submitted.

Workers Initiative factory section was constituted 14th April, 2009. More than 30, of all the 80 company workers, have joined the Union. Every day the number of members increased. 27th April the paper sent by the Union, informing about the foundation of organization, was received to the management. Just the day after two disclosed persons, members of foundation committee, were dismissed. Two days later the next two person. Presently lists of people that are suspected by the management of being union members are being prepared.

Workers are accusing DAD Poland, among others, of falsifying the working time registry, no payments for overtime, bad working conditions, workers’ money peculation. Workers are complaining not only about very low wages in the company (about 400-430 euro gross, when the country average wage in Poland is higher than 680 euro gross) but also about especially arrogant, inappropriate, even outrageous management - including boss Claud Verschelden - treatment of the workers.

Workers Initiative demands recall of the hitherto prevailing director, Claud Verschelden, immediate restoration of dismissed activists and working conditions adjustment in DAD Poland so, that they realize the polish norms of working laws.

DAD Polska is a part of French consortium:
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In 2009 six Workers Initiative activists (In 3 companies) already lost their jobs for the union activism. In 2008, twelve Workers Initiative members (in 4 companies) altogether were fired for their union activity. Most often activists are persecuted because of their attempts to found a workers union.

Jarek, Workers Initiative (Poland)