The result of the presidential election will inevitably affect our living and working conditions as well as our struggles. The canditate for the Right party finally won, including many of the Extreme Right’s nauseating ideas in his discourse and programme.

The themes and the results of this election confirm that the French society and political life have drifted to the right.

In this situation, the Left is totally unable to suggest a alternative, be it political, social or economical. This is all the more terrible that many workers and and many from the lower classes have voted for this canditate who, using demagogy or confusing them, managed to appear as the providential man bringing answers and solutions to their everyday problems and their fearful futures. Yet, these people cannot expect anything from this new president and his programme!

In his very first discourse, the futur president listed the founding ideas of his society project: work, authority, morale, merit, national identity. So many values that fit the interests of the ruling classes and a reactionary nationalist society project.

Inevitably the inequalities will go on growing, precarity will develop, the demolition of the public services and of the social protection will be accelerated. This moralism, tinged with religion, will reinforce their hold on society and the repressive and security tendencies will grow, making even more victims among the immigrants and the illegal residents. Very concrete measures will quickly follow if we don’t oppose them: reconsideration of the work code, attacks against the right to strike with the implementation of the ’mimimum service’ in the public transports, and a new tax shield in favour of the rich. So many measures that will greatly affect the workers and the lower classes and that will reinforce that inegaliterian capitalist society.

Rage and struggle rather than resignation!

In such a situation, we know that only a power struggle on the social level can change things and avoid that France undergo the same ultra-liberal experience as England in the 80s with Thatcher. It is necessary to stop the wait-and-see attitude that is so frequent after elections, we must organise and demonstrate, go on strike, occupy places in order to stop the liberal and security wave that is coming at us. We must defend what remains of our public services and our social protection system. Let’s count only on ourselves and on our struggles, everyday, in our neighbourhoods, at our work places, in order to create an autonomous and emancipating social movement that will contain other ideas and a different society project.

They get tougher, and so will our struggles! The countdown is set off!