The International Committee of the french CNT, in solidarity with workers Struggling to Maraissa calls to send protest messages to the Maraissa managers using these two addresses:



Thanks for sending a copy to the UMT :


The model in french of mail can be :

"Nous militants syndicaux de (name of the Union, exemple Workers Initiative, Pologne) nous solidarisons des ouvriers en lutte de Maraissa pour le droit au respect."

In solidarity

Jérémie for the International Committee of CNT.


Agricultural bosses in Morocco are orchestrating a strong offensive against trade union rights. The current impact of the crisis should, according to them, be supported by farmers. The case of the company MARISSA (Franco-Moroccan private company owned by the AZURA group) speaks for itself.

By hatred or contempt, or by revenge, dozens of workers - from them trade unionists affiliated to the Moroccan Working Union Marocaine du Travail (National Federation of the Agricultural Sector) - were dismissed by the Maraissa company (Azura Group) whose headquarters are located in Chtouka / Region of Agadir.

This company produces and exports fruits and vegetables to the EU and to France in particular.

We call for solidarity to all trade unionists struggling against all slavery forms whose moroccans workers, who work in terrible conditions in the Azura group farms, suffer. (phrase à refaire)

This offensive of their chiefs happens just after the Maraissa workers successful strike, the 15, 19 and 21 of January 2009. The company has neither supported, nor accepted, the solidarity between workers against this ’moyenâgeuse’ exploitation provided by their society.

Mohamed Hackech, Committee of the UMT - Agricultural Federation.