After the strike of May 2008 a mail carrier from the Bouches du Rhône region is under attack.

Serge Reynaud, who works in Marseille has been summoned to appear before the central disciplinary commission of the French Post Office in Paris on September 10. His job is on the line.

May 14 through 31, 2008 CGT and SUD called a strike against the project called "Mail Carrier of the Future". This project involves restructuring the entire network by which mail is transported and distributed and could threaten 1000 jobs in the region. It involves closing down sorting centres, regrouping distribution centres, new work norms and speedups, making workers responsible for their own replacements in case of illness.

The Bouches du Rhône region has been a centre of resistance against the "Mail Carrier of the Future". In October 2006 and March 2007 the Post Office had to make concessions to the striking mail carriers. Things got tough in 2008; strikers replaced by temps, court officials present at each strike site, strikers listed as AWOLs etc. After 400 workers struck for 17 days the conflict was suspended by mutual agreement.

On June 19 fellow worker Serge Renaud was summoned by the bosses. He is accused of having held a 5 minute speech on May 21 and of having been among those who tried to get negotiations going by opening up a boardroom. These normal strike activities are torn from their context and presented as individual disciplinary infractions.

In solidarity with Serge, the International Committee of CNT calls upon international soliadrity.

This solidarity could take diferent aspects :

- Send mails of solidarity to our International Committee (international We will forward these messages directly to Serge ;

- Send faxes to the direction of the Post to protest about this discrimination : 00 33 1 55 44 01 25.

Here is a draft in french language : "Nous syndicalistes, (name of your organization and country), dénonçons les poursuites à l’encontre de notre camarade Serge de la CNT PTT et facteur à Marseille 01 – Colbert à Marseille. Un coup contre l’un de nous est un coup contre nous tous !"

("Us syndicalist from (...)condemn the charges against our comrade Serge, CNT Postman in Marseille. An attack against one of us is an attack agaisnt all !!!".

- Organise protest in front of french embassies or consulates in your respective countries.