The Euromagrhebine union coordination ( to which adheres , among others, the CNT-F, independent Algerian unions and the Spanish CGT) has proposed transforming the 16 May 2009 an international day of struggle against unemployment, precariousness and social exclusion, in support of the National Association of Unemployed Graduates in Morocco (ANDCM).

On 16 May 1993, Moustafa El Hamzaoui, a militant of the ANDCM, was kidnapped, tortured and murdered in the police station in Khenifra. Since then, the ANDCM made this date a day which keeps alive the flame of the struggle for which Mustafa El Hamzaoui has delivered his life. Since then, the ANDCM, although not legal, and despite the continued repression against activists, maintains its struggle for the right to work and to organize freely and for a genuine democratic transformation of Moroccan society.

At this time when unemployment and insecurity are increasing, where fiscal policies benefit capital, where the privatization of enterprises and services is growing, where we privatize profits and socialize losses, it is more necessary than ever to globalize resistance and promote alternatives to the crisis of capital.

That is why we call on all organizations involved in the fight against unemployment, precariousness and social exclusion to participate on the May 16 in Khenifra with the ANDCM to in the day of struggle in memory of Moustafa Hamzaoui, and perform actions and rallies in front of Moroccan embassies and consulates , demanding the legal recognition of ANDCM and punishment of the perpetrators of the murder of Mustafa El Hamzaoui.

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