Today’s The current crisis of Capitalism is confronting placing workers in front of with two well-defined options : either keep on being subjected to an authoritarian and inegalitarianin egalitarian economic and social system, or build up resistances in order to impose a fair deal of wealth, and have our rights and freedom respected.

The revolutionary syndicalism, anarcho-syndicalism and class struggle syndicalism, which we embody means a clear choice.

We refuse to keep on negotiating our defeats. On the contrary, we want to organize our victories. In that perspective, only inter-professionalmulti-industry, renewable and general strikes, such as those currently sketched out in a few countries, can help us bend economic and political leaders to our will.

Only the flawless international solidarity of all workers, from the North to the South, and the West to the East, can shatter the economic and political system which crushes our rights and freedom daily.

Workers’ Unions must take on their responsibility and do their utmost to reverse the balance of powers, thus putting an end to this blackmail-with-the-threat-of-crisis which leads to policies of social destruction. It’s time we stopped complaining about the "excesses of liberalism" or accepting "reform through negotiation". It’s time we stopped believing in "political changeovers" or "social dialogue". It’s time we took action ! action!


Because we hold for true that exploitation has lasted too long ; because we’re fed up of working faster and harder day after day to increase their profit ; because we demand the right to health, education, quality public transport ; because we demand the right for all to go about freely without countries no borders ; for all these reasons and for many more, we call for the building up of a class unionism : revolutionary, anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian, anti-imperialist and anti colonialist ; the only unionism in a position to reverse the balance of powers.

For we assert, without beating about the bush, that the ground The cause of all social, political, international or environment crisis is Capitalism. For we assert that behind the logic of profit lies a logic of death. Let’s put an end to Capitalism when it’s still time to do so ! so ! Through union and social struggle, let’s impose another social model, freer, fairer ; fairer; to make sure our future is not a worse version of our present.

Organizations which signed :

CNT (France), Solidaridad Obrera (Spain), ASSI (Spain), SAC (Sweden), IWW (Great Britain, ISC), Luta Social (Portugal), ASOINCA (Colombia), Women?s colective of Kabilia (Algeria) CGT (Spain), ODT (Morroco), SINALTRAINAL (Colombia), Workers Initiative - IP (Poland), USI (Italy), SISA (Italy), FOB (Argentina), ESD (Morroco), CGT CI (Ivory Coast) USTKE (Kanaky), NGWF (Bangladesh) CLA (Algeria), UNSTB (Benin), Sindical Comité of Democratic Way (Morroco), ESE (Greece) CSP (Cameroon) ANDCM (Morroco)