During its last Confederal Congress, the CNT decided to host and organise an international meeting from april 28th to May 1st 2007 in Paris called I07. This initiative follows the ones in San Francisco in 1999 (I99) and in Essen in 2002 (I02).

At this occasion we are expecting delegations from around the world: Bangladesh, Cameroun, Sweden, Poland, Colombia, Germany, Ivory Coast, Palestine, Morroco, Argentina, Algeria, New Zeland, Burkina Faso, Portugal, Greece, Guinea-Conakry, Ireland, Benin, Great Britain, United States, Mexico...

These meetings will be the occasion to exchange our experiences of struggles and to see if we can build together the basis of class solidarity around the world.

Knowing that there is no "supreme savior" and that we can expect nothing from politicians who despite their promises will never solve our problems. We know that the alternative resides in the resistance of the people and through its self-management. "The emancipation of the workers will be achieved by the workers themselves" was the main idea of the First International and remains more than ever the actuality of today.


This is a difficult task. We all know it. Capitalism is armed and does not hesitate to repress, to gag and to murder when those contesting it disturb it. Facing such a system what else can we do but fight together in active and international solidarity. Up to us to reaffirm that hope exists and resides in the fact that we will never no matter the wounds bow our heads to those "masters".

Our colombian comrades know it. the colombian State and its allies ( american imperialism and paramilitaries) try for many years to silence this hope. despite the repression, death threats, torture, murders (like our comrade Nicolas Neira, young libertarian murdered at 15 year-old in May Day 2005), resistance gets organised around, for example, the Center of Libertarian Studies of Bogota, or the class struggle union SINALTRAINAL.

In Palestine, despite the attacks of the sionist State, poverty, repression and this wall of shame incaging a whole people, syndicalists and women in struggle reminds us that, there too, hope remains.

In Guinea-Conakry the general strike lasting a whole month and lead by both the CNTG and the USTG against the bloody dictatorship of Lansana Conte has been successful even with the deaths and the repression.

In bangladesh, the landless workers union ( BKF) takes the land back to house hundreds of thousands of hungry and armless workers in front of the great landlords and their milicia.

In Iraq, oil workers in struggle ( august 2006), organisers of unemployed workers and collectives of women proved that there is a concrete resistance fighting against violence and the US occupation.

At home, hope remains: the workers of PSA Aulnay fight today for the respect of workers dignity and against a strong arogance of the bosses. The anti-CPE movement last spring like the Sans-Papiers struggle or the one of the CNT section of Interior’s at Le Havre ( december 2006) proved that in france like everywhere else the struggle continues.


if there is hope we must be aware of the difficulties ahead and of false hope. Political hopes especially but also the ones within the Trade Unions. Today more than ever there are two syndicalisms.

Institutional trade unionism is another part of the capitalist system in order to control and discipline the workers. It is against this form of so-called "syndicalism" (in France and in french this term is for both trade unionism and syndicalism) the one belonging to the reformist International CSI that we are also fighting.

I07 will be the occasion to promote another syndicalism, an anti bureaucratic, anti capitalist, a revolutionary one. Because capitalism cannot be reformed.

The illusion of a capitalist system with a humain face is also a mistake which spoils the anti globalisation movement. For us, this system made of poverty, exclusion and wars must be fought against. And we must fight to see the day where we’ll say yes, another society is possible.

yes, our comrades of the black and red Spain of 1936 remind us that it is only when we will destroy this system that we will be free.

I07 will be only a step to exchange and coordinate our actions. There is still a long way to go. But like Buenaventura Durruti once said: " we carry in ourselves the new world". And this, no State, no bosses, no carrier of false hope will take it away. Our rage, our determination, our feeling to belong to a one and only class are our weapons. The future belongs to the ones who are fighting.