Friday 26 September 2008 the CNT together with fellow workers from SUD and CGT appeared in front post offices in many cities (Paris, Marseille, Perpignan, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lyon, Aubenas, Lille, Grenoble, etc.) to express its support for Serge Reynaud, a post worker of Marseille 01 and member of our union. That was the day his job was on the line because he had to stand before the Central Disciplinary Committee of the Post Office to answer charges relating to strike action.

All the fotos of the solidarities actions are in : [2008 - Soutien à Serge CNT 13] Photos des rassemblements du 26/09/08

Serge received messages of support from many parts of the world including the North American IWW and WSA, Colombian ASOINCA CNT Guinea, swedish SAC, ODT Morroco, Algerian SATEF, german FAU, italian USI and SID of Luxembourg.

The Polish Workers’Initiative and Spanish CGT together Solidaridad Obrera organized demonstrations in front of French embassies.

After an 8 hour meeting followed by 90 minutes of deliberation the ultimate penalty of sacking was rejected. But, management representatives insisted, against the votes of the union reps, on imposing the second harshest penalty; two years suspension without pay. Because this was a split decision, it will take effect only after a waiting period of two or three weeks.

The CNT demands that the Post Office take back this decision and that it leave Serge Reynaud in peace. We will organize further demonstrations the day the Post Office finalizes its decision.

There is an inalienable, constitutional right to strike. We must defend it unflinchingly at a time of increasing privatization of public services or we will loose it and our other rights. That makes solidarity with Serge vital. Meetings in his support have been organized all over France since the beginning of September.

The Post Office is hitting him hard in order to forestall further organized resistance to its plans.

Our answer to their repression is solidarity!

An injury to one is an injury to all!

International Committee of CNT.