After 20 years of existence, the Federation of the CNT PTT (postal services workers union) is now forbidden at La Poste (Postal services).

This is the consequence of an agreement concluded in january 27th 2006 between La Poste management and bosses and Unions which have representativity ( CFDT, FO, CFTC, UNSA and CGT). The CGT and SUD, because they refused to vote against this agreement, are allies of La Poste management.

Funny enough this agreement was signed "to facilitate and develop the social dialogue" (while they gaged any contestation?!).

Since then, La Poste did not hesitate to sanction a parisian comrade by giving him 15 days off work ( no wages) because he handed CNT leaflets at his workplace. In one month another comrade is convoced at the disciplinay council of La poste and can be fired definitively of his job. Others workers of CNT are threatened.

Behind the CNT, it is class struggle syndicalism being attacked, a syndicalism opposed to restructuring and privatisation. No doubt that this is just a step toward the total censorship of all contestation of all sectors of society. Soon, other public services will be attacked, not to mention the private sector! Only will survive mainstream unions which will not be opposed to those attacks against workers. But we will not let this happen.

The international Comitee of CNT call all his international partners to organize the 23 th of october 2007 actions of solidarity day of syndical elections in the post sector.

Please send us the fotos and messages of solidarity : international

In solidarity.

International Comitee of CNT